The Top 10 Cool Backpacks for 2017

Cool backpacks come in all different shapes and sizes these days. You’ll find some have awesome graphics, some are infused with Kevlar and other materials, while others focus on providing the highest quality possible. If you’re ready to make life easier and cooler, then you’re ready to discover the coolest backpack that can meet your needs today.

The Best Chart for Cool Backpacks

How does someone define the word “cool?” We each have our own shopping priorities in this category. That’s why we just let the products speak for themselves. The chart below has some of the highest rated backpacks for 2017 you’ll find on the Internet today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
SealLine Urban Backpack4.2
Kenox Large Vintage Canvas Backpack4.5
Hynes Eagle Retro Backpack4.5
Herschel Supply Co. Dawson Select4.7
Brooks England Pickwick Day Pack4.7
Fansela Crazy-horse Leather Backpack4.8
OXA Cylindrical Military Backpack4.8
Slope Rope Bag Everyday4.7
HotStyle Basic Classic 928M4.0
Buenocn Soft Leather Backpack4.1
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

The Advantages of Owning a Cool Backpack 

Anyone can run down to the local discount store and purchase a $5 backpack. They can make it work for school, work, or travel for a few months with the right level of care. The cool backpacks for 2017 take that experience into the stratosphere by giving you a uniquely sophisticated look, incredible quality, and all of the storage that you’re going to need during the day.

The cool backpacks for 2017 have a wide range of features that make them stand out. Some have subtle leather accents that help to reinforce the structure of the pack. Others have multiple built-in features that are just as perfect at the corner coffee shop as they are on a backcountry trail. They are sleek, durable, and many will even safely hold your laptop or tablet.

How To Solve Common Backpack Problems

Cool backpacks aren’t always functional backpacks. The most commonly reported problem with a backpack is that the quality of pack breaks down over time. This occurs because it is not being used as intended by the manufacturer. If you put 100 pounds of textbooks into a backpack with a weight tolerance of 40 pounds, it’s going to break down.

Zippers also tend to get stuck very often on backpacks. Watch to make sure the thin fabric strips that line the zipper pathway are out of the way. If it gets stuck, lightly pull the obstruction in one direction and the zipper in the other. Don’t tug too hard because this could break the zipper.

How To Find the Best Backpack For Me

When you’re shopping for a cool backpack, you’ve got to go beyond your first impression and ask a few questions.

  • How much weight can the backpack handle? If you’re planning on carrying your gear for a weekend trek or you have 4 classes worth of books you need your backpack to carry, you’ll need different weight requirements than someone who uses their backpack to carry their technology.
  • How much do you want to get noticed? There are some vibrant patterns available today that stand out from the muted and traditional earth tones many backpacks have.
  • Is there any added storage? Many backpacks include numerous zippers, folds, and mesh pockets for your miscellaneous items. Think about accessibility as you shop so your most important items will always be within reach.
  • Will this backpack give me durability? If you have a nylon backpack, is it made from rip-stop materials? Has the weave been reinforced with kevlar? Has the leather been conditioned so it won’t just tear open on you? Durability will always be one of the most important 

As your asking questions like these during the shopping process, you’ll notice that there can be a wide range of pricing options in backpacks today. As a general rule of thumb, you’re going to get what you pay for in this category. If you want a cool backpack for 2017 that can last you until 2027, then the $5 discount special isn’t the way to go, even if it looks awesome. You’ll want to look at the examples we’ve provided here with our backpack reviews so the perfect backpack can be found. 

What Are the Prices of the Cool Backpacks for 2017?

Some of the highest rated backpacks in this category can be found for less than $40. You won’t get all-day sturdiness for carrying textbooks, but you’ll still receive the sophisticated look you’re going to want. At the top end of the spectrum, a top of the line backpack that can meet just about every need you could ever have can cost $250 or more.

The average price for the coolest backpacks of 2017 is typically around $100. At this price point, you’ll be able to choose the specific features and looks you need. That’s why reading our reviews and carefully combing through public reviews are so important because that’s the best way to get a feel of how each pack can actually perform.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

SealLine Urban Backpack

This synthetic urban backpack offers a stiff back panel and a unique harness system that makes for a comfortable carrying experience. We really like the addition of the oversized exterior pocket because it gives you a crazy amount of fast-access storage. The roll-down closure takes a little practice to get used to it, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you settled for anything else. People notice the futuristic design of this backpack when you walk down the street and you’ll enjoy its durability. We call that a win/win.

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Kenox Vintage

If you’ve ever wanted a vintage canvas backpack but didn’t want to pay the MSRP for it, then today is your lucky day. Out of all the cool backpacks for 2017, this one has some of the best functionality. Its overall storage space is pretty standard and the shoulder straps have just enough padding to take some pressure off of your neck. 4 different compartments that have magnetic clasps will keep your items safe. Add in the leather accents and the quick-access zipper compartments and this becomes an affordable investment opportunity.

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Hynes Eagle Retro

Although this backpack is a little smaller than your average backpack, we found that you could still pack about the same amount of stuff into its flexible compartments. The design itself is pretty basic: you receive snap closure pockets, a buckled top flap, and a backside zipper pocket. We see this being your everyday pack for running errands or when you’ve got a light day of classes ahead thanks to its durable canvas construction and added leather accents. You’ll be managing your life much more effectively with this cool pack on your back.

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Herschel Supply Company

If canvas or synthetics aren’t your thing, then we highly recommend this 100% cotton cool backpack for 2017. It has a slim profile and offers nylon shoulder straps that will keep the pack tight to your back. This pack almost has a satchel feeling to it and we think you’ll be just as surprised as we were at the amount of space you’ll receive. A few subtle leather accents add an additional level of visual appeal if the colorization of the pack wasn’t enough. It’s a bit of an investment, but one we feel is worth making.

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Brooks Day Pack

This is the versatile cool backpack for 2017 when you want to take a day trip somewhere. Pack it full of supplies for a picnic, take it out on a trail you’ve always wanted to hike, or bring your swimwear for a day out at the lake. With 12L of volume, this handmade Italian important is made from cotton that is water-resistant and the leather trim is what you’d demand from a pack of this quality. With the right packing, you can even use this for your electronics if you wish. The size is perfect, the quality is outstanding, and you’re going to love it.

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Fansela Retro Classic

This canvas backpack feels like spring but gives you the versatility of summer. The crazy-horse leather decoration helps to give this pack its classic retro feel, but the canvas gives it the durability that is perfect for general use. Even if you enjoy a casual lifestyle that revolves around fashion, we believe you’re going to enjoy what this pack is able to provide. The compact size is perfect for days when you don’t have so much work to do, as well as lending even more credibility to this chic pack. If you want to make a smart investment, this is it.

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OXA Cylindrical Backpack

This might just be the best multipurpose backpack we’ve ever seen. In some ways it functions like a military pack, giving you a cylindrical upright carrying experience with its detachable double-strap carrying design. In other ways it becomes one of the best duffel bags you’ve ever owned, making it the perfect item to take with you to the gym. Handles in multiple locations, firmly affixed to the bag, make it incredibly easy to carry. There are a total of 4 pockets to use on this 95% cotton canvas pack and a laptop sleeve is also included.

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Slope Rope

The problem with many backpacks today, including some even in this category, is that they tend to be carried in such a way that an experienced thief can take something and you’d never know it. That’s not the case with the Slope Rope everyday shoulder bag. With 2 large interior pockets, complemented by 2 exterior pockets, you can carry virtually everything you need with an over the shoulder design that clips securely to you. Keep your personal items safe, your iPad accessible, and you’ll be able to do anything you want today with this backpack.

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Hotstyle School Backpack

Many of the coolest backpacks are willing to trade a little bit of function for some extra style. This pack is designed well on the inside for proper storage of all the things you’ll need for school, yet it still has some added style on the outside that will make you love this pack. The design also lends well for travel, especially with the interior sleeves and compartments that will keep your laptop secure as you move about. The shoulder straps adjust out to 36 inches, making this the best backpack in 2017 for almost anyone with daily needs.

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If you fused the coolest backpacks of 2017 with the coolest purses of the year, this is the backpack you would get. Made of soft leather, this cute pack is the perfect fashion accessory for women who need a little extra room to carry their things throughout the day. Multiple colors are available so you can match your personal taste perfectly. You’ll want to make sure you air out this pack before using it because the initial leather smell can transfer to your items.

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The cool backpacks for 2017 are designed to help you go to school, run your errands, or get your work done to the best of your ability. Invest into one of these awesome backpacks today and you’ll find that life can be a little bit easier.