10 Awesome Backpacks That Will Have Your Friends Saying “Wow!”

Awesome backpacks come in many different shapes and sizes. They each bring certain strengths into your life that allow you to get stuff done, yet still look so incredible that your friends are going to want to copy your style. We’ve found 10 of the most awesome backpacks that are available right now for your consideration. Which one of these backpacks will be right for you?

The Best Chart for Awesome Backpacks

Defining awesome can be difficult. Instead of trying to convince you about what we think makes an awesome backpack, the chart below lets you see what the general public thinks are the best today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
E-Clover Canvas Hiking Backpack4.3
Burton Kettle Backpack4.0
Sprayground Interior Backpack4.5
Nine West Taren Backpack4.7
Sprayground Jewels Backpack4.7
Eastsport Mesh Backpack4.0
Matt & Nat Paxx Vintage Backpack4.8
OXA Traditional Canvas Backpack4.7
Kenox Casual Canvas Backpack4.0
Coofit Fashion Girl's Leather Backpack4.8
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

The Features You’ll Find in Awesome Backpacks 

What turns a regular backpack into an awesome backpack is the number of features that it contains. Here are just a few of the features you’ll want to look for when shopping for a new backpack right now.
Young woman with awesome backpack

  • Sling or shoulder straps. The way you carry a backpack affects what it can hold and how long it can last. Sling backpacks tend to carry fewer things but offer a more comfortable carrying experience. Backpacks with shoulder straps tend to let you balance out a heavier weight so you can hold more than just your essentials.
  • Computer/technology sleeves. If you’re a student, then you know how important a laptop or tablet can be for class. The best backpacks have interior features, which allow you to secure your equipment for your journey.
  • Outside pockets. Compartments on the outside of a backpack allow you to quickly access things you might need at a moment’s notice. From bottled water to your iPod to your keys, look for highly secure options that aren’t easy for others to access without your knowledge. 

You’ll also find that some backpacks consider travel features to be part of an awesome backpack design. If you do plan on using your pack for extensive travel, you may wish to consider purchasing a backpack that is designed to meet the carry-on restrictions of most major airlines. Adding wheels and telescoping handles to your backpack can help to make transportation from Point A to Point B a lot easier on you as well. 

The Advantages of an Awesome Backpack

The #1 advantage the awesome backpacks of today are able to provide you is durability. The backpacks in this category are able to provide you with years of worry-free use. Some of these backpacks even have the potential of being the last pack you’ll ever have to purchase.

When you have a backpack that is built for durability, you also have higher quality materials used to construct the back. The zippers tend to operate more fluidly and get stuck less. The seams have tighter stitching. There might be more padding in the straps or more compartments that give you some additional storage space.

Awesome backpacks tend to be weather-resistant in some way as well. It might not be a waterproof backpack, but it could have a waterproof pouch for your laptop or mobile device. Even cotton backpacks in this category tend to resist the elements better than their less awesome counterparts.

And finally, let’s not forget about security. You’re going to be transporting your valuables within this backpack every time you use it, perhaps even on international flights instead of taking checked baggage. There will often be a way that you can lock a zipper or secure your pack in some way to keep those will ill intent out of your stuff.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Awesome Backpacks? 

The best part about the awesome backpacks of today is that many of them are highly affordable. You’ll find entry-level pricing at the $20 price point, with most of the backpacks priced below $100. At the upper end of the spectrum are a few highly rated backpacks that are around $175. You’ll find several great options available for about $50, which is about what the average household is going to spend on a durable pack that meets most, if not all, of their needs.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

E-Clover Canvas Backpack

It’s the ergonomic design that helps this backpack to stand out. It’s comfortable and the canvas construction is durable enough for any day trip or traveling you may want to do. It’s more of a casual pack, but the multiple external pockets are great for daily use when you need to carry some fast-access stuff. There’s also a fashion component to this pack as the vibrant blue is as visually stunning as the interior of the pack is durable. For this price, we wouldn’t think twice about picking up this awesome backpack for family and friends.

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Burton Kettle Backpack

This polyester backpack offers an affordable way to add some awesomeness to your life. An external zippered pocket is pretty standard in design, as are the adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, but there’s nothing standard about this pack’s durability. Corner accents, plus a design of your preference, give you the visual appeal you’ll want for your pack. The construction is weather-resistant and it stands up to daily use. It might be smaller than some other packs in this category, but we loved this awesome backpack and think you will too.

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Sprayground Men’s Backpack

Think a standard black backpack is about as boring as anything in life could be? Think again thanks to the unique woven design this awesome pack is able to offer. This is one of the few backpacks on the market today where form, function, and fashion are able to meet perfectly because there’s plenty of room to store the things you’ll need to take with you. The added comfort to the straps, combined with the slim design, allows for all day wear if necessary. You’ll want to give this backpack a second look.

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Nine West Taren

Backpacks with animal prints are trendy today, but it isn’t so trendy to actually have a pack made from an exotic animal hide. This pack looks like it is made from snakeskin, but in reality, it is 100% polyvinyl chloride. It’s roomy on the inside, offers you the pocket organization you’re going to want, but the external security that you might need during the day. You can show off your awesome wild side with this backpack, but still take all of your books to class and do it for an affordable price. We definitely recommend this one.

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Sprayground Jewels

If you want to have an awesome backpack that really stands out visually, then this is the option for you. The exterior is covered with images of gold watches and chains, which actually helps to hide your stash pocket or the lined sunglasses compartment so your items stay safe. The 900d water-resistant fabric provides a durable enough finish that makes this pack suitable for daily wear, but the interior design otherwise is pretty standard. You’ll make a bold statement with this backpack.

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Eastsport Mesh Backpack

If you want an awesome backpack that can carry your laptop, then this option is one of our top recommendations. It has a main compartment that is large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, plus the front zipper pocket is big enough that you can bring along a tablet or a digital camera if you want. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps make it possible to carry even a heavy pack without high levels of fatigue. Carry your fundamentals with a fun interpretation of the modern backpack and you’ll love the results that you receive every day.

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Matt and Nat Paxx Vintage Backpack

If you’re tired of carrying a briefcase everywhere you go, but don’t want to upgrade to a backpack that will draw undue attention to yourself, then we highly recommend this option for you today. It features a top zipper closure with a front zipper pocket, along with magnetic closures for the main flap. We like the adjustable webbing straps and the padded interior for your electronics, artistic portfolio, or other work you need to keep safe. The lining is also made from 100% recycled nylon, helping you to save the planet while you make sure your needs get met.

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OXA Traditional Canvas Pack

With a total of 11 pockets, this backpack is awesome for those times when you have plenty of little things that need to be safely carried with you during the day. Made from 95% cotton canvas with genuine leather zipper pulls, this is a utility backpack that doesn’t skimp on style. The leather feature pieces on the front of the pack really makes it stand out visually, yet the user still receives a feeling of luxury when they’re using this pack. We feel that this is a pretty solid investment, but one that is definitely worth making if you need an awesome utility backpack.

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Kenox Casual

This is the perfect backpack if you want to have an awesome school or travel experience. It’s small enough that it works for most travel needs, yet is durable enough that you can pack your books for the day so you can get to each class with ease. It’s also highly affordable, which is a must for every college student or traveler on a shoestring budget. What makes this backpack an awesome buy is that it is strong and durable, yet it still has some luxury appeal that makes you want to use it. Sometimes you don’t need anything more than that.

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Coofit Fashion Backpack

Made from high-quality leather on the exterior and with an internal structure that is perfect for what the modern lifestyle demands, this is an affordable way to add a high fashion backpack to your style while still maintaining a minimalist appearance. It has plenty of appeal for those who need a daily backpack that looks great, yet it can stand up to some tough wear and tear if needed. You’ll want to proactively care for your leather to maintain its appearance, but that’s really the only work you’ll need to do with this awesome backpack.

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The awesome backpacks of today offer you the luxury appeal you want, but the functionality you need to meet the demands that life places upon you. These 10 options each have unique strengths, which may make them perfect for you today. Give each a look and we believe you’ll find the best backpack possible today.

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