Best Messenger Bags for Men

Man wearing a messenger bagMessenger bags for men are growing in popularity because they are so versatile and stylish. You can use them for hiking, biking, or even an overnight trip. They can be the perfect way to take a computer to class or to work. It’s also an easy way to pack an extra set of clothes when you’re working out at the gym. Knowing how to find best messenger bags means determining your space and strength requirements so you get a bag that works for you.

Maybe you want the best messenger bag for college. Or maybe you just want an awesome leather messenger bag. Whether you’re transporting a camera, your laptop, or just need to carry a bunch of personal items with you, these are the top-rated options that you’ll want to consider today.

PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice Guide
Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag4.4$$
iBagBar Canvas Messenger Bag for Men4.1$$
Berchirly Vintage Military Style Canvas Messenger Bag4.3$$$
Langforth Genuine Leather Vintage Messenger Bag4.6$$$
Smriti 12 Inch Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag4.6$$
Life Boost Vintage Canvas Satchel Messenger4.3$$
Sweetbriar Classic Laptop Messenger Bag4.5$$$
Kenox Vintage Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag4.5$$
Berchirly Vintage Leather Shoulder Messenger4.0$$
Leaper Canvas Cross Body Messenger Bag4.4$$
PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice Guide

How to Find the Best Messenger Bag for Me

There are two basic types of messenger bags that are designed for me: a purse-style bag or a briefcase/backpack hybrid product.

The purse-style messenger bag has a longer strap, which gives you carrying options. If you ride your bike to work, then you can adjust the strap of the bag so that it carries next to your hip. These bags tend to have a higher carrying capacity, fewer pockets, and quick-release straps in case you get stuck somewhere.

The briefcase/backpack hybrid messenger bag has a lengthy strap as well but is designed in a more vertical way. Sometimes you can remove this strap and carry the messenger bag by a top handle. It has less overall space, but more individualized pockets, which makes it great for students or professionals who need to carry a variety of organized items. You’ll often find smartphone pockets and water bottle holders incorporated into this design.

Each type has specific features and advantages to it that work with your current lifestyle. By going through the best messenger bag reviews, you’ll be able to select the right style of bag with the right features so life can become easier.

What Are the Best Features of a Messenger Bag?

The most popular feature in the modern messenger bag for men is laptop protection. A floating laptop compartment will give your computer some protection in case the bag gets some rough treatment. Look for compartments that have thick padding within this compartment to protect it against drops as well. Power cord compartments are a definite plus as well.

You’ll also find these features are fairly common in the bags that are found in this category.

Strap Placement Options. Many messenger bags allow you to carry them with a shoulder strap. You might also find stabilizing straps that wrap around your waist are an option. Most straps can also be removed, especially from the briefcase/backpack hybrids, so you can manually carry the bag as well.
Reflective Patches. If you ride a bike to work, then the extra reflective patches can help you become more noticeable to drivers and pedestrians. You’ll want to consider this feature if you need to ride your bike at night. Look for light attachment options that work with these patches for the best results.
Water Resistance. Most of the bags in this category have some level of water resistance. Keep in mind that resistance to water doesn’t make a product waterproof. The best messenger bags for men will cinch the bag closed so that moisture cannot enter through the top. Some styles will have clips or flaps that can be buckled down to keep the interior of the bag dry.

Some models may also offer different flap closures as a feature. The number of pockets a messenger bag contains may also be considered a feature by some manufacturers. Consider these features based on your personal needs.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Messenger Bags?

A great messenger bag is something that is wonderful to own. When you add it to your current collection of bags, briefcases, and backpacks, you’re able to have something that is extremely portable. Most messenger bags are also water-resistant at some level, can take some daily wear and tear, but still provide you fast access to the things you need.

The best messenger bags for men will also protect your electronic equipment very effectively. You can transport your laptop safely just by slinging the bag across your chest. Carry your camera in a comfortable way. Get rid of the fanny pack by being able to carry your identification, cash, or other important items in secured internal pockets.

You will also be able to find a messenger bag made from the right materials to meet your needs. Leather and canvas are two common types of messenger bags, but do not underestimate the power of rip-stop nylon, Kevlar, or even cotton materials. Each type is able to meet certain needs.

The final advantage of the best messenger bags is size. Small travel messenger bags, camera messenger bags, and other portable designs can help you protect specific items. Larger messenger bags can help you carry everything. Many products fall in-between these two extremes, allowing guys to have plenty of choices.

What Are the Prices of the Best Messenger Bags?

The best messenger bags for men are priced based on size and composition.

If you’re looking for a large leather messenger bag, you could wind up paying $100 or more for your preferred product. On the other hand, a canvas messenger bag of the same size, with the same features, might cost about $30.

Cheaper messenger bags in the $10-$25 range can meet basic needs, but may not be durable enough for daily use. Imported leather messenger bags for men tend to be the most expensive in this category, with a price range of $150-$500, depending on the number of features that are desired.

Product Reviews

Mobile Edge

This affordable messenger bag features a swiveling shoulder strap, along with the usual compartments you want to have. The computer compartment is nice and roomy, giving you room for a 17-inch laptop if need be. There’s an ID holder for travel as well. The top comes over to snap pretty well and there are plenty of pockets and spaces to keep yourself completely organized. It holds its shape well, offers multipurpose capabilities, and can hold a remarkable amount of weight without it becoming uncomfortable.

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This military-style messenger back gives you a canvas and leather experience that is one-of-a-kind. There are four outside compartments that can be covered by the leather containment straps, as well as one large primary compartment. The style of this bag is rather casual, but it still looks good in professional settings. Laptops up to 17 inches fit comfortably into this messenger bag, though you’ll need the XL bag to make that happen. Pocket closures are magnetic. We loved using this bag and so will you.

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This leather/canvas laptop messenger bag feels like an upgrade has happened all over the place. It’s a little smaller than other models, holding a 14-inch laptop at most, but it also feels more comfortable on your hip or back than other bags as well. The straps are magnetic buttons instead of actual belt straps, which might be a little off-putting to some users. Snap the handle off and you can just carry this bag by the handle if you prefer. It holds everything, keeps it safe, and you stay comfortable. That’s what the best messenger bags for men should always do.

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This is the messenger bag for men when you have a notebook to carry instead of a standard laptop. It will work with 12-inch laptops, though our MacBook was a really tight fit in this particular bag. We like that there are 7 compartments to utilize, including two outer slip pockets, so you can carry plenty of stuff. There’s also a zip closure in addition to the snap closure, so you worry less about your bag coming apart. If you need an affordable everyday messenger bag, this one has a lot to offer.

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Sweetbriar Classic

The larger version of this messenger bag provided the best experience. It holds 15-inch laptops with slide/snap front clasps for fast access when needed. There’s more structure and padding in this bag compared to other models as well. We had no issues with the zipper catching, which can happen a lot with affordable messenger bags as well. The style is a bit retro, the leather accents are really nice, and the canvas construction is surprisingly rugged. Make the investment and you aren’t going to be disappointed.

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The best messenger bags for men contribute to your personal style, allow you to safely carry your computer, and still give you room for other items. Look for grab-and-go options with good padding and firm stitching for the best results. Then you’ll be able to have a reliable messenger bag that will fit comfortably and let you be at your very best.

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