The Best Gym Bags Reviewed

Pumped up for a great gym workout? You’re going to need a few things. Drink bottle and towel, check. Going before or after work? You’re going to need a change of clothes, gym and work shoes. Maybe some deodorant for the guys, make up for the girls too?

What this all boils down to is that you are going to need a great gym bag to match your awesome workout.

PictureNamePriceOur Rating

PUMA Teamsport Formation 20" Duffel Bag$4.4
adidas Alliance II Sackpack$4.6
Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Bag$$$$4.7
Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag$4.8
TYR Alliance Team II Backpack$4.4
adidas Team Speed Medium Duffel Bag$4.6
adidas Women's Diablo Duffle Small$4.5
adidas Defender Small Duffel Bag$4.5
Under Armour Hustle Storm Duffle Bag$4.5
Damask Hot Pink Duffel Bag 21"$4.5
Ogio Crunch Duffle Bag$4.4
PictureNamePriceOur Rating

Gym bagFor a workout at the gym, you really need a high quality bag to keep your things safe while working out and to help carry your drink bottle, towels, clothes and shoes. Use our top gym bag chart above to help quickly and easily browse the best gym bags online and find the right one for your needs..

Benefits of finding the best gym bag for your needs

  • Less hassle – Equals more chance of a workout. Ever feel like just not going to the gym? More resistance and hassle will decrease your chances of getting to the gym. You need to train regularly to look after your body and stay in shape. Stay organized with a good duffel bag, make it easy to pick up and go to the gym.
  • Carry everything you need easily. We want scheduled and specific exercises; we don’t want a clumsy balancing act with all our gym gear. Ever had a tough workout with wobbly legs afterwards? Don’t add to it, use a great bag.
  • Keep your things safe and protected. With a bag it is easier to keep all your things together and protected. Hide your valuables from plain sight and keep the rain and drinks spills off that important document.
  • Take more with you. A spacious bag allows you to bring your work clothes so you can train before or after work without having to go home in between. This will save you time and reduce resistance to you starting your work out.

My Personal Experience

I love going to the gym. It keeps me looking and feeling good, and it’s a great way for me to de-stress from work. Honestly, I used to be super disorganized and that started to annoy me. I used to miss heaps of gym sessions, which would leave me feeling and looking worse than ever. Finally I got my rear in gear and started getting organized. I started with a new drink bottle and quick dry towel. No more cheap re-used water bottle. It would always get thrown in the trash inadvertently.  No more wet towel in the morning after a wash. Though the biggest improvement was getting my gym bag. Now I can fit all my work clothes and shoes plus more. If I’m super busy, I can go before work or after work depending upon my schedule. I’ve got waterproof pockets for shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc… all the things needed to not show up to work as a sweaty sticky mess. I can pack my gym bag the night before and fly out the door in the morning ready to kick some butt! I barely miss any workouts now and it really shows, I couldn’t be happier.

What To Look For When Buying A Gym Bag

  • Quality Material. When you are choosing a new gym bag there are many things you can look for and you will want one to fit your preferences. With the material there are three main choices for bags. You can find them in leather, which is the most expensive but they are also very durable and will last a long time. Most of the leather gym bags today come with some waterproof compartments for when a person has been swimming so that they can separate their wet togs and towels from whatever else they are carrying in their bag. In the middle of the scale you can find the less expensive but durable canvas bag, this is usually lighter in weight as well. The higher quality bags can last for years with constant use. At the lower end of the scale is the nylon. Though they do not wear as well they are capable of lasting quite some time and a positive of these bags is that their lower price means you can keep up to date with design and fashionable colors.
  • Size & Compartments. The size is important if you going to go to work straight after or just before your session, you’ll have a lot more things to take. You may need a larger bag, while if you going straight from home you may only need the small hand held duffel bag.
  • Design. Backpack or duffel bag? Backpacks are probably easier to carry, though duffel bags often have more space. There are the options of either Velcro or straps, these should be examined thoroughly and both have the capability of lasting a long time.
  • Style. For style there is a choice of one handle or two, this comes down to the preference of the buyer though the more straps on a bag there is the more to get caught when you have put it on the floor.

How To Find The Best Gym Bag For You

  • Read Reviews. Customer reviews are a great resource for finding the best bag for you. has a wealth of information from happy and unhappy customers on almost every product in their range. Bad reviews can be very useful in steering you away from poor quality bags, or that particular buyer might just have a gripe about something you don’t care about. Our site also has a wide range of detailed product reviews on many of the top gym bags as well that you can use to help you with your buying decision.
  • Shop Online. Shopping online gives you easier and quicker access to a big range of bags. Buying online is also cheaper as stores don’t have as many costly overheads such as shop front rent. This means more choice and more bargains for us. Shipping is so much cheaper these days, sometimes even free, this makes receiving (and returning if something is wrong) a breeze.
  • Use our Chart. The chart at the start of this article is a great way to quickly browse and sort the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope you find it useful.

Reviews Of Some Of The Best Gym Bags

PUMA Men’s Teamsport Formation 20 Inch Duffel Bag

The Puma Men’s Teamsport Formation Duffel appears smaller than how it appears in the picture. It is spacious however, with four separate compartments so everything that needs to be separated can be. It is made from polyester and weighs a lightweight 1.4 pounds. One downside to the bag is that it is not waterproof so may not be suitable for swimmers. This is a very popular bag which ranks number seven in the Sports Duffels best sellers list. It is overall a great bag for carrying the gym essentials, tracksuit set, towel and toiletries for after the workout are easily fitted into the large compartments with room to spare.

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Adidas Alliance II Sport Sackpack

The Adidas Alliance II Sport Sackpack is a large back with lots of room and a lifetime warranty. It is made of strong polyester and weighs a very small 6.4 ounces. The main compartment is very roomy and the bag includes three separate pockets on the front and sides so you can have the drink bottles ready and available for use. Very cheap for what you are buying and you can buy matching footwear and apparel in the same colors. The main compartment is very easy to access with its corded entrance, an overall good bag for any regular gym visit.

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Cenzo Duffle Vecchio Brown Italian Leather Bag

The Cenzo Duffle bag is made of calf skin leather with a canvas lining; it comes complete with brass hardware and a detachable shoulder strap. It is quite heavy, weighing in at 4.5 pounds. It is very well priced for what you are buying; it is as good for a weekend trip as it is for the gym as it is a very roomy bag. The brass is very strong and stylish to look at. The straps are thin which may cause some discomfort if carried for long extended periods of time. However, this is a very excellent quality bag for a reasonable price.

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Adidas Women’s Squad III Duffel Bag

The Adidas Woman’s Squad II Duffel bag is an excellent lightweight choice for any woman about to go to the gym. Recently released as an upgrade to the original Squad bag, it has a very large and roomy main compartment along with several interior and exterior pockets for holding extra items. It is made of strong polyester and weighs approximately 2.6 pounds, its small and compact size will make it very easy to carry after a long workout. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and they can be either removed or adjusted. It is great for any regular visits to the gym and with its many pockets you can fit a lot of your exercise gear inside this compact bag.

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TYR Alliance Team II Backpack

The TYR Alliance Team II Backpack is made of nylon with back padding for support and weighs two pounds. The interior has multi function pockets while the exterior boasts a couple of extra pockets and a goggle saver so you can carry much of your gear with this backpack. Very spacious, it can even handle holding a wetsuit. Good for swimming gear or everyday gym gear. This is a good bag for anyone going to the gym, going swimming or even going to do a triathlon. The backpack is extremely sturdy so will last a long time.

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