The Best Backpacks for Teenage Girls

There is a reason why backpacks remain a must-have for teenagers. Teenage girls especially want to have a stylish way of carrying around their laptops, books and other essentials for the day. Backpacks give more room and allow for trendy design and chic colors. Backpacks are also cool enough for high school but also ensure they can comfortably carry everything they want and need during the day.

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Kipling Seoul Large Backpack With Laptop Protection$$4.8
Girls' Casual Style Canvas Backpack$2.4
Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack$$4.6
Vintage Preppy Style Unisex Casual Fashion Backpack$4.0
Brown PU Backpack School Bag by JAM Closet$3.0
Canvas School Bag Stripe and Bow Backpack Sweet$3.6
Icon Cool Backpack$4.0
High Sierra Curve Backpack$4.4
Hunnt® Blue Canvas Backpack School Bag$3.3
Vintage Preppy Style Unisex Casual Fashion Backpack$4.4
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Benefits of finding the right backpack for your teenager

The Best Backpacks for Teenage GirlsA trendy backpack will allow teens who commute to school on their own to have a safe way to carry many different items with ease. Most of the time, they need to carry their lunch, books and a few electronic devices in a way that will remain compact and easy for them to manage.

A backpacks allows your daughter to carry her items in a manner so that she will not constantly have her focus interrupted, allowing her to give her full attention to the task of commuting to and from school safely. It is always annoying to have to check if the items are safe or if the zippers are open and that is why having a sturdy backpack will let her feel comfortable and confident as she travels to and from school.

Other benefits of giving your teenage girl the right backpack are;

  • She will be able to carry valuables without people knowing that she has them – e.g. laptop or iPad
  • Comfortable to wear for longer journeys
  • Straps are firm enough and can carry substantial weight without wearing out quickly
  • Most backpacks have side pockets so that you can carry other handy items that may need to be reached really quickly whenever you are on the road.

My personal experience

Towards my final years of high school, I wanted to get a bag that looked slightly way more mature than what the juniors in the school loved to walk around with. I wanted something that would set me apart in terms of age and still provide all the versatility and durability that could see me take the backpack on road trips. I needed a backpack to pack sports kits and still feel applicable when I want to carry my laptop and books discretely on school days.

Looking at what everybody else was carrying was not giving me much leeway because some of the good-looking bags I saw around belonged to people I did not know personally. It was difficult to approach them and start asking what they think about the backpacks. That is when I decided to search online and found everything I was looking for, a list of backpacks, their materials and very frank reviews about their quality. I was able to compare the same brands and product models across several web sites. I read more reviews and narrowed down some of the fancy, durable and well-designed backpack bags within my budget.

I settled on a bigger size at first because I was packing a lot of heavy and random stuff at that time. I found out that it was waterproof enough to prevent leaks, especially at one time when a loose cap made sure that my energy drink spilt inside the backpack. Lucky enough, it was waterproofed enough to ensure that I was not walking around the subway leaving a trail of orange liquid. The fact that it had separate components also made sure that it wasn’t a total disaster. I managed to keep my notebooks dry and the only thing that ended up getting wet was a headband and a small towel that I had put in the same compartment. Such a relief!

What to look for when buying a backpack

When looking for a backpack for your teenage daughter, it is always a plus if you can find a handy one that has multiple zipper compartments. These can all help them organize all of their things better. That way, they do not need to fumble through a black hole just to fish out a pen.

  • Pay attention to the material that has been used. Does it seem like something that can easily rip when you happen to brush against a rough surface by mistake? Avoid the overly flimsy materials because they are red flags when it comes to the strength of the straps.
  • The design must be appealing. If the design and colors do not look appealing enough, then it probably looks worse in public. Some graffiti for the music lovers, plain and colorful for those who want to express themselves through color are some of the routes that work well. Some teenage girls will want a traditional backpack, while others will be after a different style of bag, like a messenger bag that they can wear off their shoulder.
  • Vents and compartments are always a selling point. To be safe, always have one giant compartment so that bulky items can fit alongside other smaller zipped compartments. Having interior vents always keeps your electronics well ventilated. The laptops will for example be well aerated so that overheating on transit can be avoided. Some other common structural things to look for include the mode of fastening or strapping and the length of the backpack. Short people would look awkward having backpacks that have extra length. However, some backpacks have zippers to adjust the length.

How to find the best backpack

It is one thing to know the exact features that you want from your backpack, but it is another thing finding the exact product that fits those specs. Looking at major online dealers like Amazon will always help you to get the proper backpack for your teenage daughter, in terms of size, material thickness and the number of pockets. Pictures will guide you so that you get age-appropriate items and you will avoid the classic mistake of purchasing something that is considered too childish.

When shopping online, you can always keep tabs on the dimensions of the bags and know their weight limits. You can estimate the average weight that would be carried and just have some extra allowance and compare that with what the model says that the bag can handle. You would want a bag that will fit in school lockers if the bag will not be carried most of the school day. Some bags look different on some body types and that is a good reason why someone would want to examine the size and shape and select the one that will show off their body types. Smaller women would want a smaller backpack that would rest on their waist.

Reviews of the Top 5 Backpacks for Teenage Girls

Kipling Seoul Large Backpack With Laptop Protection

For the versatile student who needs to carry around her laptop and a few textbooks, this is an excellent nylon lining backpack with a zipper enclosure. It is bound to keep your laptop safe from any hard bumps, especially when there are other equally hard items in the backpack. This is the sort of backpack bag for teenage girls that are trendy and chic enough to be carried to school, on weekend hangouts with some girlfriends. They are hardy enough to keep your items safe and hard to remove from the bag without your knowledge. It’s a bit smaller than other backpacks and makes it ideal to carry for long hours.

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Girls’ Casual Style Canvas Backpack

The bag has been made to give you the utmost strength to ensure that you have some reliable carry compartments for a hyperactive day. They are easy to clean and the buckles will remain fastened until you remove them yourself. The connectors have a trendy magnet mechanism to hold them together and that gives you a different breathe from the usual clip or knot kinds of fasteners that you are likely to find in other bags. The zippered pockets are good for keeping small diaries, small packets of snacks and other junk foods that you would want to have during trips.

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Brown PU Backpack School Bag by JAM Closet

his is the sort of backpack that will give the owner glamorous look. It has a leather feel because it is made of PU Leather. It is small in size and therefore an excellent pick for girls who want something small, discreet and still practical enough to carry a few essential items for the moment. It is not the sort of bag you would want if you have volumes upon volumes of books and a change of clothes. I will recommend this bag if you only want to carry your homework, your music, a novel and a few other small but handy things. The front and side pockets are convenient for keys and small makeup items.

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Cute Casual Hobo Style Bag for Girls

This is an adjustable and comfortable soft bag. It comes in pretty colors that are ideal for teens that want to make a fashion statement. It has a very strong inner lining just so that the bag is layered enough and more solid. It has some zipper pockets on the inside and these can keep your crucial items such as keys and identity cards. It is a straight recommendation, especially if you are looking for a bag that is roomy and affordable. I always carry another small bag inside it and that is why I am comfortable with the open space inside this bag hobo bag satchel.

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Black and White Multi-function Canvas Backpack

The subtle design is what impressed me most about this multi-function canvas backpack. It has a black and white color scheme, which is neutral enough to ensure that it can go well with whatever you are wearing. It has a handle strap on top of it so that you can carry it with your hands if you are tired of wearing straps for the moment. This makes it easy on the back, multi purpose, strong and still very practical enough for carrying small loads or compact but heavy items.

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