Gear Review: The North Face Surge II Backpack

Gear Review: The North Face Surge II Backpack Richard

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If you’re familiar with The North Face products, then you’re familiar with their emphasis on providing a quality product for a quality price. In no place is that better exampled than with the Surge II Backpack, which comes in a wide variety of features and styles so that you can get the perfect pack to meet your needs. Pricing for this series starts at just $84, although a majority of the packs will run you at least $130. In return for this investment, however, you’ll get a product you may never need to replace!

The Features of the North Face Surge II Backpack

The primary feature we noticed upon our first impression of this backpack was the ballistics nylon. Unlike similar packs that are made of polyester at this price point, you’ll get a pack with more durability that helps to eliminate hot spots that can occur on your back and shoulders. This is emphasized even more with the FlexVent technology that is incorporated into the Surge’s design. You might also like these features:

  • the hip belt of this backpack is both padded and winged, making it easy to stow if you don’t need the extra support;
  • the inner compartments of this pack are slanted slightly to allow the weight to be shifted onto more weight-bearing muscles for a comfortable carry; and
  • the backpack is designed to help safely carry up to a 17 inch laptop with ease.

The Surge II from The North Face focuses on safety and security above even the size of the storage that is available. Padded and zippered, you’ll find that this backpack makes it easy to get up and go, no matter what you need to do.

The Advantages of the North Face Surge II Backpack

The primary advantage that we noticed with this pack is the spine channel that is included with its design. This is padded as well to provide extra support for heavy loads while giving extra protection to the compartment’s materials as well. From around your collarbone to the small of your lower back, you’ll feel less muscle tension when carrying the Surge II!

You might also like these advantages:

  • there’s a secure electronics pocket on the front that will let you safely organize all of your devices in place;
  • there are side compression straps that allow you to carry water bottles, coffee cups, or other items you may need to quickly secure; and
  • if you’re in a hurry, the pack clinches tightly to you to prevent a lot of jostling.

It’s difficult to find anything really negative to say about this backpack. The cost may turn some people away, however. If you’re a carry on luggage only kind of person, the size of the pack is perfect to take along during flights – there is no need to pay extra to check it. We believe that you’ll find this backpack is easily one of the best investments you could make when you need a new one. That’s why we highly recommend the North Face Surge II.

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