Review: Adidas Women’s Squad Duffel Bag

Review: Adidas Women’s Squad Duffel Bag Reviewer Staff

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Having a good duffel bag is important if you workout daily or participate in a team sport. You need a reliable backpack or duffel that can safely transport your spare clothes, your uniform, your extra shoes perhaps, and other specialized equipment that you need. So many duffel bags that are on the market today are made of flimsy materials that couldn’t stop a water leak, much less protect your gear from damage!

That’s why the Adidas Women’s Squad duffel bag is such a good investment. It’s got the moxie that you need in order to haul and protect your essentials from Point A to Point B.

The Features of the Adidas Women’s Squad Duffel Bag

The primary feature we noticed when we first got this back was its design. There are tons of pockets on this duffel bag, with 9 in total. The best out of them all is the back interior pocket which takes up the back wall of the bag and is zippered to protect your things. There are three exterior pockets included in this number. You might also like these features:

  • the removable strap is fully adjustable from 18 inches to 23 inches, with a total strap length of 48 inches;
  • the handle has a drop of 6 inches and a total length of 19 inches, and
  • the bottom of the bag is stitched tightly and reinforced, giving it a little extra stability and security for those days when you’re carrying a heavy load.

This bag is marketed to women because of the multiple pockets included with the bag – not to mention the pink color available – but anyone will find this bag to be useful, adjustable, and comfortable to carry wherever you may need to go.

The Advantages of the Adidas Women’s Squad Duffel Bag

The primary advantage that we noticed with this product was its versatility. It meets the carry-on luggage guidelines for airline travel in the United States and it is large enough to keep your shoes away from your other items securely. It’s perfect for storing items that have a slim profile, but the front pockets are designed to be secure enough to store items you need as well. You might also like these advantages:

  • the colors are very brilliant and bright – our favorite was the purple bag with the yellow accents;
  • even though the bag is relatively small for a duffel bag, the size is perfectly managed and lets you carry a lot of gear that can still fit into a small locker; and
  • it has good durability – we put this bag through the paces and even though it developed some scuff marks, it kept everything we had inside of it intact.

The one thing we didn’t like so much about this bag were the plastic strap connectors on the removal shoulder strap. The plastic tends to rub against the polyester and makes a unique half-squeak, half-shriek type of sound that can get a little annoying after awhile. Considering the value you get for the purchase price, however, this one small flaw is hardly enough to keep us from highly recommending this duffel bag to you!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this duffel bag.

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