Review: The Under Armour Hustle Storm Duffel Bag

Review: The Under Armour Hustle Storm Duffel Bag Reviewer Staff

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Do you live in an area that sees a lot of different weather throughout the year? Or maybe you have a climate like you’d see in Seattle where it tends to rain a lot? Your standard duffel bag isn’t going to do you a lot of good because it can’t provide any protection to the elements whatsoever. That’s why an investment into the Under Armour Hustle Storm duffel makes a lot of sense. It’s treated to protect your gear from the element and repel water away. Best of all, it’s priced right around $40!

The Features of the UA Hustle Storm

The primary features we really liked were the added comforts that Under Armour installed on the shoulder strap and the hand carrying straps. Even when the bag is full, you won’t feel the straps dig into your palms or cut off the circulation right up by your neck. It’s wide enough to distribute weight well, adjustable enough to keep the duffel tight to you, yet practical enough to keep your bag packed every day.

You might also enjoy these features:

  • the polyester material is easy to clean and take care of, even if you happen to spill a protein shake in it or on it;
  • the shoulder strap is also equipped with HeatGear so the friction or compression of the strap is less bothersome temperature-wise; and
  • there’s a Hypalon patch that provide you with extra points of attachment.

As with most UA products, you’ll find that the typical textures of the materials in this duffel are similar to their other product lines. If you enjoy how Under Armour can keep you cool, imagine what it could do with your gym needs?

The Advantages of the UA Hustle Storm

The primary advantage that we noticed with this bag is that it has two vented pockets on the sides instead of just one. This gives you the chance to store more than just your shoes away from your clean gear without stinking up your bag and everything within it. This reduces the amount of space in the main compartment a little bit, but it really is hardly noticeable. There’s also these advantages:

  • the bottom of the bag is reinforced with abrasion resistant materials so you won’t begin seeing the duffel begin to fray and disintegrate over time;
  • it is the right size to fit into the average overhead bin or locker when it is fully packed; and
  • there’s mesh netting to help you quickly stash something away.

The one disappointment with this duffel is the fact that the shoulder strap isn’t removable. Everything else, however, is put together pretty well and it functions just like a duffel bag should. If you have a need to carry your things to the gym or take your gear to an upcoming game, then the UA Hustle Storm  has the goods to meet your expectations.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this duffel bag.

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