Review: Condor Compact Assault Pack

Review: Condor Compact Assault Pack Reviewer Staff

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When you’re outdoors and need a good pack that can carry all of your gear without any trouble, yet still have a slim, compact profile, your options are actually pretty limited. Many packs focus on durability or interior size, but Condor makes a valiant effort to accomplish both with their Condor Compact Assault Pack. With a total of four compartments and helpful places to clip on anything from a water bottle to a spare holster or mag, it’s the perfect pack if you need a versatile day pack. Best of all, you can pick one up for right around $50!

The Features of the Condor Compact Assault Pack

The primary feature that we first noticed with this pack was the fact that it was hydration compatible. You can easily insert your bladder into this pack and strap it up, making it a handy way to get through a rough day in the heat! Best of all, because there are four compartments in this pack with plenty of room, you can still carry your needed items and still meet your hydration needs!

You might also like these features that we noticed too:

  • the primary compartment has a zipper and mesh pocket within it, giving you further protection for sensitive items or gear;
  • the weight of this pack, when empty is an astonishingly light 2 pounds; and
  • it is big enough that it can fit a 17 inch laptop within the main compartment and still have room to spare for extra items.

Is this a combat duty pack? Not necessarily. We see the primary usage of this pack being for the student who has to hurry between classes and carry a lot of tech and books with them. Strap everything in securely and you can hustle when you need to go.

The Advantages of the Condor Compact Assault Pack

The primary advantage that we noticed with this pack is that it has an incredible range of adjustability to it. If you are looking for an actual combat pack, you can wear this with your belt and mags beneath it without any trouble whatsoever. It does tend to work best for those who are a bit taller than average, but it is comfortable to wear no matter how you’d describe yourself.

You might also enjoy these advantages:

  • the zippers are made of a high quality, so you won’t have to worry about them failing when you’re out in the wilderness or having a weekend getaway;
  • the compression straps included help to keep this pack with a low profile, even when completely full; and
  • there’s plenty of MOLLE webbing to help you get immediate access to certain items.

Is it going to be a combat pack that can endure live action or an extended hunting trip? Probably not. For your typical day-to-day activities, however, you’ll get a good value out of this pack, especially for the price. That’s why this pack comes with our highest recommendation! Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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