Review: JanSport Core Series Cisco Sling Bag

Review: JanSport Core Series Cisco Sling Bag Reviewer Staff



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If you just need to grab a quick pack so that you can go from Point A to Point B, then a full backpack might not be the best option. Yet many people find that carrying a typical handbag just doesn’t provide them with the right amount of security for their items. That means if you’re stuck between those two extremes, the best solution to your issue is this sling bag presented by JanSport. With classic, colorful designs reminiscent of the 1980’s, you’ll get a fun way to carry your essentials for less than $40 on websites like Amazon!

The Features of the JanSport Core Series Sling Bag

The primary feature we really loved about this sling bag was the design of the shoulder strap. It’s made with air flex technology that is similar to what you’ll see with other JanSport designs and their S-curve. It provides the user with a comfortable experience because the strap doesn’t encourage sweat development and instead distributes the weight of the pack more effectively.

You might also enjoy these features:

  • there’s a side pocket that is specifically designed to carry a water bottle or similarly sized thermos;
  • there’s also a V-loft pocket that allows you a safe place to carry your mobile phone or other sensitive electronics; and
  • there’s also an external pocket that’s the perfect size to carry a tablet, e-reader, or similar device.

This really is the perfect bag for someone who is always on the go. You can easily grab this bag, slip it over a shoulder, and keep moving! The fully padded back panel helps to add some protection while keeping your back comfortable as well, creating a consistently good experience every day.

The Advantages of the JanSport Core Series Sling Bag

The primary advantage that we noticed with this sling bag was the design of the zippers. Unlike other JanSport models that tend to have their zippers catch on the fabric of the bag, you’ll get a consistent and strong result with the hardware on this back. If there’s a problem with the mechanics of the bag, however, there’s also a lifetime warranty included for added value. There’s also these advantages:

  • there are several internal pockets that allow you to securely carry items, even if you’re on a scooter or bicycle;
  • the bottom is reinforced and able to help you carry heavy items on a consistent basis; and
  • the design of the pack helps to keep in securely in place as you travel.

If there was one disadvantage to this pack, it would be the actual shape of it. It is difficult to fit a 3 ring binder into this pack, which means it becomes excluded from some student’s needs. Bulky items are sometimes difficult to fit inside it as well. For your typical day-to-day use, however, this sling bag is the perfect solution to the problem of an uncomfortable pack. Sturdy, durable, and fashionable, this throwback won’t leave you disappointed if you choose to make an investment into one!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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