Review: Kelty Red Cloud Internal Flame Backpack

Review: Kelty Red Cloud Internal Flame Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Are you looking for a quality traveling bag that can double as a trekking or hiking bag that can carry all of your gear? Do you want something that is specifically designed to help support the weight of the pack throughout your body instead of on the pressure points of your shoulders and lower back? If so, then you’ll enjoy the Kelty Red Cloud Flame Backpack. Priced just over $200, it will give your the adjustable suspension and volume that you need for all your needs.

The Features of the Kelty Red Cloud Pack

The primary feature we noticed with this backpack was that it provides a lot of stability when it is fully packed. The Cloudlock II suspension system is downright awesome and helps you carry a heavy, full load easily over even rough terrain. Because you don’t have to deal with subtle shifting weights, you’ll have more energy to explore more throughout the day!

You might also like these features:

  • the pack is designed to be top loading, but there is a front panel access to help you access items throughout the day;
  • there are several zippered side pockets to help you keep the essentials for the day within easy reach; and
  • there are side compression straps incorporated within the design to help your packed items to stay safe and secure throughout the trip.

This is a very versatile bag that is designed for camping and exploration more than anything else. The lid converts into a lumbar pack and there are plenty of places for you to attach accessories that you might need throughout the day, like your keys. There are even ice-axe loops included with the design!

The Advantages of the Kelty Red Cloud Pack

The primary advantage that we noticed with this pack was the HDPE reinforced waist belt. Add in the sternum strap and the patented Scherer cinch and you will get a very reliable pack that will help you successfully enjoy every adventure that you decide to take on. You really can embrace the outdoors with confidence when you have this asset on your side.

You might also enjoy these advantages:

  • it is specifically designed to carry all of your needed supplies, including a bladder and tent, all inside the pack;
  • the fabric is designed to resist abrasions so that you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear you put onto this pack on your first trip;
  • the pack will help to resist water, even though it is not waterproofed – adding waterproofing to the pack is easy to do if you need this option.

The one disadvantage we can see is the weight of the pack. Coming in at almost 6 pounds, you’re trading weight for a better suspension by investing into this pack. It would be nice if it were waterproofed as well, but overall it’s an excellent pack and will help a camping trip be fun and successful whether it is your first time or your hundredth. That’s why it is recommended by us if you need an outdoor bag!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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