Review: Molle Tactical Sling Bag

Review: Molle Tactical Sling Bag Reviewer Staff

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When you need to just grab a bag and get going, wouldn’t it be nice to have something that was a full-sized pack? Would you like to have a sling bag that lets you grab it with either the right or the left arm, but have it still incorporate the traditional backpack design? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Molle Tactical sling bag! It’s one of the most popular packs on the market today because it is useful, comfortable, and very affordable – less than $70 on websites like Amazon.

The Features of the Molle Tactical Sling Bag

The primary feature we noticed with this sling bag was the built-in hydration compatible pocket that it contains. So many sling bags talk about being a “tactical” bag, but realistically you can’t even fit a binder in them because of their shape! This pack, however, gives you the typical backpacking functions you’d normally find, but in a sling style. Take these features, for example:

  • it has zipper closure concealment pockets with a hook and loop panel for all of your needed accessories;
  • it has compression straps on both the sides and the top of the pack; and
  • there is heavy duty Molle webbing over the entire pack and inside the main compartment.

Most sling bags struggle to provide just one of the features of this pack, which makes it a good bargain. Add in the interior webbing that keeps everything snug and secure and you’ve got a great pack that you’ll take with you wherever you may need to go!

The Advantages of the Molle Tactical Sling Bag

The primary advantage that we noticed right away with this pack is its overall size. Measuring about 20 inches from the bottom to the handle and being 15 inches wide at the bottom, tapering to 12 inches at the top, you can stuff a lot of stuff into this handy pack! It’ll fit your laptop, your boots, clothes, and the hydration bladder you already own easily… though you probably don’t want water and your laptop mixing.

You might also like these advantages:

  • there are several interior pouches that will let you secure things that need to be protected from the elements while you’re out and about;
  • there’s an inner elastic pocket that helps to further secure items that need to be prevented from jostling; and
  • the design is extremely comfortable to carry and you won’t notice those little sweat pockets that can form on the small of your back like other packs tend to create.

The one thing that we noticed about this pack is that it is a little heavier than you’d expect it to be. For some folks that speaks to durability, but to others the added weight may become cumbersome. Keep that in mind as you take a look at this strong pack contender and you will have your expectations met if you decide to order one for yourself. For us, this pack is the standard of what a good backpack should be and that’s why it receives our full recommendation.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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