Review: Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack

Review: Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Have you noticed that many of the laptop backpacks on the market today are made from fairly cheap, yet still overpriced materials? Are you looking for a quality product that will effectively protect a laptop up to 15 inches in size while still provide you with a comfortable carrying experience? One of the best laptop packs that we’ve encountered to this date happens to be the Ogio Renegade RSS. It’s made of a heavy duty nylon that makes it easy to clean and care for it, yet still provide a rigid enough exterior to protect your tech.

Priced below $150, could this pack be the perfect laptop backpack for you too? Let’s take a look!

The Features of the Ogio Renegade RSS

The first feature you’ll notice are the layered side pockets that are built into this fantastic backpack. These are utility pockets that fully zipper closed and will help you easily store items that you don’t want others to access if you take your eyes off of your pack for a moment. They’ve got a good size to them and can carry most of your daily essentials.

You might also like these features:

  • there is an expandable phone pocket on this pack which gives you easy access to your smartphone while still being able to safely carry it;
  • the pack is designed to have a comfort zone that lets you carry it right in your sweet spot to prevent typical levels of discomfort; and
  • there is added padding on the shoulder straps of this pack to reduce shoulder and back tension for heavy loads.

We loaded up this pack with one of the older, thicker 15 inch laptops that Toshiba used to make and several student books, about 40 pounds or so. Not only was it still comfortable to carry, but the pack could be fully secured to make all of the items in the pack virtually immobile.

The Advantages of the Ogio Renegade RSS

The primary advantage that is first noticed with this backpack is the organizational panel. It’s a lot like the tactical webbing you’ll see on other packs that allows you to be able to clip various needed items to the pack without taking up a lot of space. This increases the usefulness of the pack ten-fold and lets you personalize if you wish as well. There are also these advantages to consider:

  • the laptop compartment of this pack has an extra level of protection in case you happen to drop the pack;
  • there’s a sleeve incorporated into the pack to accommodate tablet computers or e-readers; and
  • if you travel a lot, you’ll still have plenty of room for a weekend’s needed items while still taking your laptop.

There really is a lot of padding on this bag. So much padding, in fact, that you could say that it has been overdone. If you’re accident prone, however, the extra padding comes in very handy! With a rigid and effective design that will protect your tech, you won’t be disappointed by this pack. It has the tools to get the job done for you every day!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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