Review: The Osprey Porter Travel Duffel Bag

Review: The Osprey Porter Travel Duffel Bag Reviewer Staff

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Do you do a lot of traveling? Maybe you need something to take a spare set of clothes with you because you hit the gym every day before or after work? Chances are you need a quality duffel to make sure you can get all of your items to where they need to be for an affordable price. With the Osprey Porter, you’ll get the perfect travel bag that doesn’t have a lot of frills to it, but it does have a lot of durability to its construction. Priced right at $100, this is an investment that you’ll only have to make once!

The Features of the Osprey Porter

The first feature we immediately noticed with this duffel was the zip-away shoulder harness. So many of these shoulder harnesses today are attached with plastic clips that don’t like the unpressurized cold of being checked at the gate, but this bag makes this worry obsolete. You literally just zip the adjustable sternum strap and shoulder harness away!

You might also enjoy these features of the Osprey Porter:

  • it has foam padded sidewalls that give the duffel a better overall structure while adding another level of protection to your packed items;
  • it features StraightJacket compression to fully secure any load that you can fit inside of the duffel; and
  • there’s a zippered top pocket that gives you easy access to needed things, like your phone or maybe a bottle of water.

There’s a lot of good stuff happening with this duffel. It’s made of durable nylon so it’s easy to care for and clean. The hardware is equally durable, so there’s no worry about tossing this duffel into a locker or an overhead compartment. There’s tremendous value to be had here!

The Advantages of the Osprey Porter

The primary advantage that we noticed with this duffel was the fact that it really can hold a lot of stuff. The 46 litre size doesn’t seem like it will hold that much at first glimpse, especially since it weighs just a couple pounds, but it really does get everything in there securely. You won’t want to put a lot of tech in this pack, but clothes or shoes? Perfect.

There’s also these advantages:

  • it is extremely comfortable to carry hands-free, but if your preference is to hand carry your luggage, that can happen too;
  • it has double zippers to allow you better access, just like you find on most luggage but not necessarily on every duffel; and
  • it can hold as much as a standard suitcase.

It’s difficult to find anything really negative to say about this duffel besides the fact that it isn’t as flexible as maybe a full backpack might be for hauling tech. It’s a great duffel, is extremely useful, and will help you take almost anything you need with you throughout the day in an easy-to-carry way. Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this duffel bag.

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