Review: Otium Canvas Backpack / Rucksack

Review: Otium Canvas Backpack / Rucksack Reviewer Staff

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Are you tired of all those nylon backpacks out there? Would you like a rucksack-style of pack that is large enough to carry all of your necessary items, yet still be tough enough that you can throw it into the washing machine if necessary? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Otium canvas backpack. This pack is made from soft garment washed canvas that is larger than your average backpack, yet tends to make even a heavy load feel lighter thanks to better weight distribution. Maybe the best part is the fact that this pack comes in at a price right around $40!

The Features of the Otium Backpack

The primary feature that we noticed with this backpack was the fact that the straps are wide enough to support the extra size of this back. So many times a pack will be made bigger so it can carry extra stuff, but the straps are kept thin and it digs into your shoulders and neck, making the whole experience a negative one. With the Otium, you get a well-designed pack that is comfortable and stylish!

You’ll also like these features:

  • the stitching on this pack is reinforced to help accommodate the larger weights that come along with a bigger pack;
  • the material itself is extremely durable and resists fraying and unraveling; and
  • even though the design is a rucksack type of pack, the buckles actually disguise an easy snapping system.

You’ll get a lot of compliments when wearing this pack because it looks good. Add in the durability and size and you’ve got a consistently good combination!

The Advantages of the Otium Backpack

The primary advantage that we first noticed with this pack was the organizational features that are included with it. This is evidenced by the utensils pouch that is located on the inside of the main compartments. You can easily store your pens, pencils, makeup, or other needed things in a secure internal location where it won’t flap about. You might like these additional advantages as well:

  • it adjusts securely to fit your frame for easy transport, yet can hang loosely enough that you can use it like a sling bag;
  • the bottom has reinforced material within it to give your heavier loads an extra level of security; and
  • you can haul your tech securely within the confines of the pack.

It’s the snaps on this pack that are the one issue. They aren’t magnetic snaps like you’ll see on some other packs, which means they can wear out over time. The pack also doesn’t have a true bottom to it and is more of an actual sack than a pack, so that may bother some folks. Overall, however, this rucksack style pack has a lot of durability and versatility and that’s why it receives our recommendation for you to consider it.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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