Review: The Pelican U100 Elite Storage Backpack

Review: The Pelican U100 Elite Storage Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Are you looking for an effective backpack that can carry your books and your laptop? Are you tired of all these laptop packs that aren’t watertight or just add padding and call it “protection?” Do you want the real deal when it comes to an effective laptop carrying pack? Then this is what you want. The Pelican U100 is literally crushproof, dustproof, and it is watertight. It’s easy to open with a spring lock latch!

How much would you expect to pay for an elite pack like this? Maybe $300? Here’s the best news: you can get it on sites like Amazon for less than $200!

The Features of the Pelican U100

The primary feature we noticed with this outstanding pack was how surprisingly comfortable it happened to be. With the Pelican shell on top of it, we were expecting an uncomfortable experience at best and a miserable experience at worst as a trade-off for better protection of the laptop. Instead we got a reasonably good pack experience that is firmer than you’re used to experiencing, but nothing dramatically bad.

You might also like these features:

  • the zippers on this pack don’t compromise on the quality either as they’ll move over even high pressure, fully packed compartments;
  • the velcro tie-downs help to relieve pressure on the outward forces toward the shell, giving you a consistent carrying process; and
  • there are extra compartments that allow you to store your tablets and smartphones in an equally safe manner.

This backpack is by no means bulletproof – being watertight, for example, isn’t the same as being waterproof. With that said, however, you’ve got tons of space for your batteries, power bricks, and cords that your tech needs to function.

The Advantages of the Pelican U100

The primary advantage that we noticed with this pack was the fact that the thickness of the fabric was a lot better than expected in this pack. We’ve tried a lot of military-grade packs that use a thick nylon and they don’t compare to what the Pelican U100 provides. You get a very durable pack right here, even if you manage to drop it from the roof of your home for some reason!

There’s also these features to consider:

  • the way the pack is designed, weight distribution makes the pack feel a lot lighter with the same loads as other packs;
  • the handle is made from rubber and gives you a solid grip if you’re carrying the pack that way; and
  • the straps have a gel padding instead of a thicker foam padding like you’ll see in some other similar models.

It’s the cost that will drive some folks away. If you want a secure way to carry your laptop, however, you’ll struggle to find a better back than the Pelican U100.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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