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Imagine how much easier life would be like if you didn’t have to remember to charge your tech after a long day at work or school? Imagine being able to have fully charged batteries, phones, and other equipment all the time so that you never have to remember to set alarms or worry about draining your battery using GPS functions. With the Powerbag, that’s exactly what you’ll get! It contains an on-board removable battery with PowerVine so that you receive a 3000mAh charge when you need it.

How powerful is that? It’s enough to charge your average smartphone twice over and still have energy to spare. It includes dedicated connectors for Apple and M2 plus micro/mini USBs so that you can charge thousands of today’s top devices, including:

  • Android tablets and phones,
  • Blackberry devices, and
  • the entire series of Applie portable products, including the iPod touch.

Starting at $165, it’s a small price to pay to have a spare power backup wherever you happen to be!

The Features of the Powerbag Backpack

The primary feature that we enjoyed when looking at this backpack was the fact that you can charge the battery inside the bag. There are other versions of the technology that are a little cheaper, but because the battery heats up while charging, you have to remove it from the pack. Not so with the Powerbag! You’ll also enjoy these features:

  • there’s a full-sized internal USB port in addition to the mini/micros so that you can charge the portable battery off of almost any device;
  • an included A/C adapter allows you to plug your backpack in to quickly charge it when you’ve got a few minutes; and
  • there’s enough room to transport a 14 inch laptop with ease.

There’s a thin layer of additional padding with the Powerbag as well, but this is more for your comfort than protection of your tech. You won’t get a lot of protective value from this pack, but that’s not what it is designed to do. If anything, it is more of a power port that doubles as a backpack more than anything else.

The one disadvantage that we also immediately saw with the Powerbag has to do with the update technology that Apple has put out. You’ll need a charging adpater from Apple in order to charge an iPad mini or the iPhone 5S/C. We also noticed that at times, the battery would be slow to charge and this usually occurred when the overall power levels dropped after needing to charge a couple devices at once.

If you’re looking for a useful concept bag that can give you plenty of backup power, then the Powerbag is an excellent option to consider. With a wide array of useful adapters and USB attachments, you’ll give yourself a lot of extra flexibility when you’re out and about during the day.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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