Review: The Solo Leather Laptop Backpack

Review: The Solo Leather Laptop Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Who says you can’t have classic style with a laptop backpack? With the Solo leather laptop backpack, you get a pack made of Colombian leather with espresso coloring for a fantastic price. It’s extremely comfortable to carry, has a lot of extra space for things besides your laptop, and the interior lining is very conducive to keeping your items fully protected. Although the entire backpack isn’t made from leather, the main body of the pack is. If you’ve always wanted a leather backpack, the price is right on this one!

The Features of This Solo Backpack

The primary feature to note on this pack is the quick access pocket and the organizer section. It’s a front zip-down style of organizer that let’s you carry your typical school or work supplies safely and easily. The pocket allows you to carry a couple basic necessities with you throughout the day, but it isn’t really big enough to carry something to drink. There are also these features to consider:

  • the laptop compartment is fully padded and it can protect laptops that are up to 15 inches in size;
  • the leather is of a high quality and actually requires some care to maintain the surface of it over time – like weatherproofing; and
  • there’s plenty of space for your cords, peripherals, and even spare batteries plus books or professional projects.

The one issue we can see people having with this pack is the fact that it takes a lot of extra care to use a genuine leather product. You’ll need to let this product breathe for a couple days before actually using it, but it does make an excellent executive bag.

The Advantages of This Solo Backpack

The primary advantage that we noticed right away with this backpack is the fact that it is so durable. There are natural variations to each product certainly since it is a leather item, but it retains its original look for a long time if you’re willing to put in a few moments each week to care for it. It’s the perfect alternative to a briefcase. There’s also these advantages to consider:

  • it is reinforced in all of the right places so you don’t need to worry about weight distribution;
  • it is rugged and can take a beating without showing much for wear and tear; and
  • the interior gives you the ability to quickly find the things you need because it is blue and distinguishes items well… unless you have a blue laptop!

The one thing we can see happening is that if this pack is crammed full of stuff to the point where you’re carrying 70 or 80 pounds worth of tech or other items that the stitching could give way. Leather naturally works itself out and loosens over time when it isn’t cared for and in particular it can stiffen and that could cause the seams to give way, especially at the straps.

We really loved this backpack and are sure that you will too if you give it a chance. It receives our highest recommendation!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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