Review: The Stephen Joseph Sidekick Girl’s Backpack

Review: The Stephen Joseph Sidekick Girl’s Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Why should all the good backpacks go to the boys? Stephen Joseph is known for making fun lunchpacks and backpacks because they resemble animals in bright pastel colors. The Sidekick backpack is a great example of this because you can get butterflies, ladybugs, or pink owls that can help your little girl express her bright personality. Made of durable polyester that you can easily hand wash, it is the perfect pack to take to preschool kindergarten. Priced right around $25, you won’t shell out a fortune to get a fun pack either!

The Features of the Stephen Joseph Sidekick

The Sidekick’s man feature is the strategic padding that is put into the shoulder straps for this pack. Kids love to throw all of their favorite toys into their backpack to take with them and that can make for one heavy pack after awhile! This pack stands up to the test and it won’t dig into your child’s shoulders and cause them to crumple into a puddle of tears. There’s also these features to consider:

  • there’s a front zippered pocket that allows your child to store their favorite treasures they find during the day;
  • the one large main compartment has a lot of space for school work, spare clothes, or just extra room for other treasures; and
  • the zippers are very durable and stand up to the rigors of preschooler abuse.

Young kids especially love comparing their animals with each other and even pretending to be the critter represented on the backpack. The Sidekick is a fun way to inspire the imagination while providing a practical pack solution.

The Advantages of the Stephen Joseph Sidekick

The primary advantage that we’ve seen with this product is how easy it is to clean. We just fill the sink with some dish soap when the pack gets really grimy and then let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then we just take a standard cloth and rub out the dirt and grime from the fabric of the pack. Water stains and all of the other mysterious globs that kids can pick up come right out and then you just let it air dry.

There’s also these advantages to consider:

  • there’s a durable carrying strap that is firmly stitched to the back of the pack so parents can quickly pick it up when it’s been discarded;
  • the decorative items are also firmly stitched to the pack so there’s no worries about a wing or an eye falling off; and
  • every purchase creates a donation to a children’s scholarship fund.

The one issue that we’ve noticed develop over time with the backpack is that the seams tend to loosen over the course of the first year, especially under heavy toddler use. Add in the sippy cup holders and you’ve got a fun way for your young ones to feel like they are contributing to a road trip or have them get excited for school for a very affordable price.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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