Review: The Big Student Classic Daypack By JanSport

Review: The Big Student Classic Daypack By JanSport Reviewer Staff

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JanSport has long been associated with the manufacture of a quality backpack at a fair price and a classic example of this is the Big Student Classic Daypack. There’s a wide variety of styles and colors available so that you can communicate style and fashion while you carry your laptop, school books, or work supplies. It’s a large capacity backpack that can easily hold everything you need! Best of all, it can be found for less than $50 on websites like Amazon.

The Features of the Big Student Classic Daypack

The primary feature that we noticed with this backpack is the overall design that went into it. The Big Student series of packs features two large main compartments, which is perfect for carrying a work and personal laptop together, a lot of school books, or some tech and books together safely and securely. It distributes the weight evenly and allows for a comfortable carry throughout the day.

You might also like these features:

  • a zippered front pocket contains an organizer that helps you store your small tech gadgets safely, like your phone, your MP3 player, and there’s even a place for your headphone or earbug cords;
  • the straps of the back are designed with the classic JanSport S-curve design to further improve weight distribution; and
  • the product is guaranteed to be free from defects in the materials and craftsmanship of the pack.

For the price, you’re essentially getting a backpack that will last for at least a couple years, even with daily use. Add in the warranty and you’ll have a protected investment that will help you get the job done, whether that is work, school, or just daily life.

The Advantages of the Big Student Classic Daypack

The primary advantage that we saw when taking a look at this pack for review was the reinforced stitching that is at the joint of where the straps meet the bag. If you’ve constantly carried a heavy load, you know how fast this seam can wear out and tear away – you’ll get great durability with this pack!

You might also enjoy these advantages:

  • the straps of this pack are wider and stiffer than other JanSport packs, which increases its ability to provide a comfortable carry;
  • the mesh holder on the side is the perfect place to carry a water bottle or even just some loose change that you might carry;
  • there are plenty of internal pockets that help you stash things securely for each class or project you have at work as well.

From daily household use to school and work, the applications for this pack are enormous. It’s even a quality traveling pack if you are out of your home a lot! Because of the flexibility and lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and quality, we believe you’ll truly enjoy the results of the investment you make into this pack.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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