Review: The KAVU Rope Bag

Review: The KAVU Rope Bag Reviewer Staff

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Are you tired of lugging around a big pack when all you need to do is carry a few things? Do you want to avoid a handbag because you’d rather keep your hands free? The KAVU Rope Bag helps to solve these problems for you in a very stylish and affordable way! You get a sling bag that comes in a variety of colors and patterns that will help you express yourself without having to pay a week’s wages to do so! Priced under $50 on sites like Amazon, it is the perfect way to grab your stiff and go!

The Features of the KAVU Rope Bag

The first thing you’ll notice with this rope bag is the fact that the typical rotating hinge you’d see with a sling bag has been replaced with a rope-style handle. This helps to give you less of a backpack feeling to this bag while still getting the easier carrying options that come with a standard sling bag or backpack. That gives you more versatility to use this bag in a variety of environments!

You might also like these features:

  • the bag is made from cotton instead of nylon or polyester, giving you an airy, comfortable experience while carrying it;
  • the bag is easy to clean and take care of, but you do need to be careful because the material can shrink when exposed to hot washing conditions; and
  • there are two large exterior pockets on this bag that help to secure your essentials, yet still keep them within easy reach.

What you get with this bag is a fun way to bring your things with you in a more convenient way. With quality craftsmanship, you’ll find the same experience as we did – that this is a high quality bag for the price.

The Advantages of the KAVU Rope Bag

The primary advantage that we noticed with this bag is the workmanship of the bag. It is quality through and through and will let you carry virtually anything that you need to take with you. The size isn’t conducive to a lot of school books or electronics, but you can take the basics of what you need every day comfortably and efficiently with this bag. You might also enjoy these advantages too:

  • the durability of this bag is incredible and routinely has people using it for several years at a time on a daily basis;
  • it secures tightly to your body so that you can take it with you on a bicycle, a motorcycle, or almost any other form of transportation; and
  • the design helps to distribute weight throughout the rope strap so you won’t have your circulation cut-off on a heavy load.

Because the strap is made of rope, it does tend to fray some over time and this could be bothersome to some folks. Outside of that one issue, we find that the KAVU rope bag is an incredible value and will provide you with the combination of a purse and backpack that you need for daily use. Pick your preferred style today and you won’t be disappointed!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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