Review: The Women’s Brickhouse Sling Bag

Review: The Women’s Brickhouse Sling Bag Reviewer Staff

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Do you love the ease and convenience that comes with a sling bag? Do you get tired of those cheap, see-through bags that are more of a gimmick than they are a useful item? If so, then you may enjoy what this Brickhouse sling bag could do to make your life just a little bit easier. Designed like a typical sling bag with one handle that you can adjust as needed, the polyester material will help you better protect your items while giving you a modicum or privacy. Starting at just $40 for this bag, it is definitely worth taking a look at!

The Features of the Brickhouse Sling Bag

The primary feature we noticed was the laptop compartment on this bag. We really loved the side entry to this compartment that lets you hold a laptop that’s about 15 inches or so in size. Thicker laptops that are 15 inches might be a little bit of a struggle and you definitely can’t go above the 15 inch size! Add in the swivel ring that’s patented and you’ll have an easy way to lug your gear around town with ease!

You might also enjoy these features that we noticed:

  • there’s an elastic pouch that is perfect for carrying a plastic water bottle or a container of your preferred beverage right on the side;
  • there’s a zippered front pocket that is the perfect place to store an iPod, iPhone, or other audio device; and
  • the back panel of this sling bag is padded to give you a little extra protect for your contents while giving your back a break.

You just can’t beat the value of what this bag can do! Available in three colors, it’s even easy to clean because of the polyester material in its construction.

The Advantages of the Brickhouse Sling Bag

The primary advantage that we noticed with this sling bag was that it is designed for both left or right wear. Other bags of a similar design have their straps constructed in such a way that it forces you to wear it a specific way. Not this bag! The fully adjustable strap make organizing and carrying your things a breeze! You might also love these advantages:

  • it does a great job of staying in place when you’re traveling, even if that is by bicycle, scooter, or something else faster than walking;
  • there is a 1 year warranty in place that will help protect your small investment into this pack; and
  • the straps are wide enough to provide the right level of support so that your shoulder and back won’t be killing you after wearing it all day.

In the question of getting what you pay for, we noticed that the seams of this pack can wear out after some time when using it to carry consistently heavy loads. If you just need to carry your laptop and iPhone, then this is perfect. If you need to carry 50 pounds or more, then this sling bag might not be for you. We do recommend this bag for those daily tasks like carrying your gym clothes, a few school books, and other tasks that you might need a bag like this to fulfill for you.  Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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