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Review: The TMNT Shell Backpack Reviewer Staff

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TMNT-Shell Pack
Are you looking for a fun way to encourage your child’s imagination? Does your child really love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? To satisfy that strange craving that can develop for pizza and kung fu, the TMNT Shell backpack becomes a way for your child to imagine being their favorite character from the long running series. Priced below $40 in many locations, you’ll find that this fun addition to your home will have your turtles ready for action too!

The Features of the TMNT Shell Backpack

The primary feature we enjoyed upon receiving this backpack is that there are four facemasks included with the product. Representing the four different turtles, your kids can choose their favorite character and then strap this pack on their back for some Shredder kicking fun! You’ll be able to put all of your crime fighting gear into this pack without trouble and save the day!

There’s also these features to consider:

  • the backpack is made from a 80/20 combination of polyester and PU, which gives it an almost leather-like feel to it that is more water-resistant then you’d believe;
  • there is enough space inside the pack for a 13 inch laptop if you want to use this pack for school; and
  • there are plenty of pockets and organizers built into the structure of the backpack that you’ll be able to take everything you need for a day without any trouble at all.

In many ways, this backpack is the epic purchase you’ll want to make for your kids, but ultimately keep for yourself. It is useful, eye-catching, and built sturdy enough to resist the rigors of the typical day you may face.

The Advantages of the TMNT Shell Backpack

The primary advantage that we noticed right away with this backpack were the padded straps help to support the shell when it is being worn. It’s just the right amount to let the pack sit comfortably while being spaced apart enough that kids of any age can really use this pack every day without a problem. They’re also very easy to adjust.

Because of it’s size, however, there are some limitations to the amount of weight that you can put into this pack. If you want to haul all your books to class with you as you’re studying marketing at the local university, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you want something that can carry your laptop and a book or two with your utensils, then you’ll enjoy the fun of this pack immensely!

It is a lot better than you’d expect for quality, but the interior also won’t hold up to heavy use conditions – especially if you over pack the shell. If you treat the pack well, however, you’ll have something that can last for some time. Just watch out when someone puts it on for the first time… there will be an intense urge to yell, “Let’s Turtalize them!” with some wicked martial arts moves.

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