Review: The Travelpro Luggage Crew Business Backpack

Review: The Travelpro Luggage Crew Business Backpack Reviewer Staff

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If you do a lot of traveling, then you know how much of a struggle it can be to pack as much as you can into a pack that can git into the overhead. Even the ones that do fit tend to create a lot of disorder and chaos as you travel, mixing up all your stuff! With the Travelpro business backpack, you get one of the best designs in a modern pack that will help you stay completely organized, yet still fit into almost every overhead bin. It’ll even fit your laptop or tablet in a protected, padded sleeve!

The Features of the Travelpro Business Backpack

You’ll notice the design features of this backpack right away. There’s plenty of dual zippered units in the front, each structured at different heights to make it easy to access the compartment that you need. There are multiple storage pockets internally and side pockets to help you quickly stash something while you’re on the go. You’ll also love these features:

  • the zipper pulls are made for high-tensile situations so they won’t just pull off when you need to quickly unzip a pocket or compartment;
  • the nylon fabric is resistant to most environmental conditions, easy to clean, and provides extra durability to the pack itself; and
  • there is a limited lifetime warranty regarding the materials and craftsmanship of this pack, providing extra insurance to your investment.

If you have a larger laptop, like 17 inches or above, then you may find that this pack might not provide the right fit for your tech. Otherwise you’ll love the Duraguard coating on the nylon and the extra protection that this business backpack is able to provide.

The Advantages of the Travelpro Business Backpack

The primary advantage that we noticed with this pack was its overall versatility. It’s not a roller backpack like previous models, but it does have plenty of clip-on spaces where you can put plenty of things you may need. The shoulder straps are vented to keep your shoulders and back cool while carrying your items, and the keychain holder is a great place to keep your keys safe during travel. There’s also these advantages:

  • the pack is designed to be checkpoint friendly, so you’ll have less of a hassle getting through airport security;
  • the durability of this backpack means your investment is in terms of years instead of a few months; and
  • there are depths of space in this pack that just about everything you need for even an extended trip will fit into the pack.

If you’re one of those people who are always on the go, then the Travelpro is going to give you everything you need in one simple business backpack solution. It’s one of the best values available on the market today and as much as we have loved using it, we know that you will too.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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