Review: The TYR Alliance Team II Backpack

Review: The TYR Alliance Team II Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Do you have the need for a duffel bag, but don’t like the idea of a shoulder strap or having to carry it by the handles? Would you prefer a comfortable backpack that can help you carry extra items for the gym, equipment for your upcoming game, or just an easy way to transport your diaper bag for a trip to the city? The TYR Alliance Team II backpack provides a few twists on a classic pack design that will give you tons of space for a very affordable price.

The Features of the TYR Alliance

The primary features of this backpack are the design features that it contains. You’ll see lot of pockets within the structure of this pack that have specific designs to them. For instance, there is a:

  • zippered pocket inside the front pouch that is designed for glasses or goggles;
  • a dedicated pocket for your audio player for MP3s and audiobooks;
  • two carabiners to help you hang suits; and
  • a compartment equipped with mesh dry so that you can even safely transport wet items as well.

It is designed more for the swimming enthusiast than anyone else, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find practical applications for this bag. If you participate in Crossfit or Ironman events, you’ll easily store all of your needed gear in this back. If you play team sports, you can make sure your gear and uniforms are always along for the right. It is only fitting that the brand on this back is named for the god of warriors because you’ll be able to bring everything you need for your training with this bag.

The Advantages of the TYR Alliance

The integration of the features of this pack is what your primary advantage is going to be. The straps in particular are integrated into the design to help with weight distribution and comfort as you carry many of the items that you need. We utilized this pack to take our kids to gymnastics classes and we could use the carabiners for the leotards, keep the boys one-piece units separate, and still have plenty of room for the needed chalk and other supplies without making an entire mess.

The one thing that we’re not fond of after using this pack for awhile is that the stitching isn’t reinforced in key points at the pack. Especially at the seams where the straps meet the pack, it is easy to see how these could work themselves loose or tear off with a particularly heavy load being worn on a particular occasion. The same is true for the grasping handle. Our recommendation would be to watch out much weight is stored into this pack.

Overall the TYR Alliance is a very useful and handy pack with a lot of features that will help you get through your tasks quickly. Even if you just want to hang your keys from the dual carabiners, you’ll have the right amount of space for most things, especially if you’re transporting clothes, swimsuits, or shoes. We recommend it fully if those are your requirements for a pack today!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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