Review: The Victorinox Tear Drop Monosling

Review: The Victorinox Tear Drop Monosling Reviewer Staff

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Do you need something that is easy to carry throughout the day? Would carrying a full backpack be overkill for what your needs happen to be? For those moments when a purse just won’t do, but neither will a backpack, the Victorinox Tear Drop monosling steps up to meet your needs. Priced below $40, you’ll get a nylon bag that is big enough to carry the essentials you need for work or maybe for the gym in a comfortable way.

The Features of the Victorinox Monosling

The primary feature we noticed right away was the front zippered pocket on this monosling. It’s just the right size to keep your keys safe without jamming them into a pants pocket or something. You can also fit other essential items you might need in there for quick access while taking a walk through the city, like your phone. It won’t secure your items, so don’t mix keys and a phone in the front pocket, but it will keep your items more secure.

You might also enjoy these features:

  • the back panel of this monosling has a small layer of comfort padding that helps to make a more breathable experience;
  • there’s one large main pocket that can carry the few essentials that you need every day; and
  • the sling strap itself is comfortable and wide, giving you enough balance in the weight of your bag for a good carrying experience.

The colors of this monosling are bright, bold, and cheerful as well. With three different color designs from which to choose, you’ll be able to express yourself in a way that really does suit you!

The Advantages of the Victorinox Monosling

The primary advantage that we noticed right away is with the design of this bag. The bottom of the bag has reinforced layers of material, stitching, and seams so that you won’t have to worry about the nylon giving away any time soon. The seams are even stitched in conjunction with each other, adding more strength to the bag itself! You might also like these additional advantages:

  • it has enough interior space to protect a tablet while still being able to carry a few other goodies;
  • there’s a strap or wire, depending on the model, that to help provide an additional level of reinforcement; and
  • there are hidden areas to store the zipper tabs that help to add another level of security to the product.

If you want something that is easy to carry for a fantastic value, then the Victorinox monosling is definitely what you’re going to want. Durable enough for every day use or for those times when you may need to travel, it has the ability securely stay on your shoulder and keep your essentials close by for when you need them.Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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