Review: Wildkin Pack ‘n Snack Backpack

Review: Wildkin Pack ‘n Snack Backpack Reviewer Staff

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Is your child prone to losing things constantly? Do you send them to kindergarten with a backpack, lunch box, and jacket and find that they come home with someone else’s jacket and nothing else? If so, then the Wildkin Pack ‘n Snack is a great investment to make for your little one. This backpack is designed to help you eliminate the need for a lunch box on the journey to preschool or kindergarten. With fun kid designs and a price tag less than $30, you’ll save some cash in the long run by making this investment as well!

The Features of the Pack ‘n Snack Backpack

The primary feature of this backpack is the insulated front pocket that is food-safe. It can be used for hot and cold foods, depending on your preference, and easily holds the snacks or lunch your child may need for their day. It’s free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC materials. If you don’t need to pack some food along in this easy-to-clean front pocket, it also doubles as a school supplies organizer.

There’s also these features that you may enjoy with this pack:

  • there’s a mesh side pocket where your little one can store souveniers found during the day or their cup, bottle, or thermos;
  • it has reflective tape on the front of the bag so that your kids can be seen in dark light situations better; and
  • the pack is very easy to clean with just a little soap and water.

It’s really easy to use this pack. You just pack the spare clothes and books, shoes, or whatever else your child needs for school in the main compartment. Then you pack their lunch in the front pocket. There’s plenty of room for a sandwich holder, some crackers, and juice. One forewarning – putting the pack on its front will definitely squish crackers and potentially cause juice packs to burst.

The Advantages of the Pack ‘n Snack Backpack

We really loved the fact that the straps have a little extra padding on them, but not too much. For most occasions, it’s the perfect size and fit for your child and they’ll be comfortable instead of finding a patch of floor to complain about the pack. The straps are a little wide for better weight distribution, which could be a little troublesome if your preschooler is a little small for their age. There are these advantages to consider as well:

  • the material is firm and rigid, helping to give your child a little extra durability throughout the day;
  • the product isn’t water proof, but it won’t be a problem if your have a puddle jumper at home; and
  • it’s just fun to carry and wear.

The one sticking point is that it is a smaller size of backpack, which means a standard school folder isn’t going to fit inside of it. If your child needs to bring folders home, then this backpack won’t work. For most other instances, however, you’ll find that this backpack has a lot of value for the price and that’s why we’re recommending it for your consideration today. Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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