Review: The Wildkin Sidekick Backpack

Review: The Wildkin Sidekick Backpack Reviewer Staff

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What little boy doesn’t like trains and planes? What about tractors and cement trucks? You’ll get it all with the Wildkin Sidekick, which is a series of packs designed especially for kids. Girls who are into these things are going to love this pack too! It’s made of bold colors and is one of the cutest backpacks you’ll see on the market today. Making preschool more fun and adding confidence to your kindergartner, the investment of less than $30 is budget-friendly too.

The Features of the Wildkin Sidekick

The primary feature that we love about the construction of this backpack is the heavy duty polyester that has been used. You’ve got your basic levels of good durability and then you’ve got the extra durability of 600 denier polyester that is easy to clean. Your little one can put this pack through the wringer and it’ll still come out in good shape!

There’s also these features to consider:

  • the back of this pack has extra padding to provide your child with another level of extra comfort;
  • the nylon lining is moisture resistant so you don’t have to worry about this backpack being destroyed during a puddle-jumping incident; and
  • the padded straps help to add another level of comfort while being adjustable enough to help your child continue using this bag as they grow.

We really love the fact that Wildkin puts these backpacks through a lot of protect testing to make sure they are free of the harmful chemicals and minerals that could make a child sick. Free of BPA, lead, and phthalate, there’s even a 1 year warranty behind the craftsmanship used to create the backpack.

The Advantages of the Wildkin Sidekick

The primary advantage that we see with this pack is with its internal design. There’s a lot of storage room in there because it essentially has two main compartments instead of just one. There are organizer pockets for pencils, crayons, and other artwork your preschooler might need and because the pack is 15 inches in height, it is the perfect size for your child to carry. There’s also these advantages:

  • the seams are reinforced to help prolong the durability of this pack;
  • there’s an extra zipper compartment in the front where treasures can be stored or that extra juice pack they might need; and
  • it is very attractive to kids and they’ll want to wear it and show it off, which is half the battle right there.

If you child is a destructive force of nature, you might find that the zipper catches can break on this pack in a short period of time. Be careful with the zippers and this pack will definitely last! It’s cute, it’s got enough room for most items, and your kids will have fun wearing it. That’s why this pack comes recommended by us!Click here to look at prices on Amazon and find the best deal on this backpack.

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